Qualities of Earth an essay in Granta 

I Dream of Canteens an essay on canteens

A Partial List of Rome a list-essay of things eaten in Rome

On Weeds in the London Review of Books online

A List of Oranges in At The Table magazine

Review MFK Fisher Gastronomical Me and Patience Gray biography in Times Literary Supplement


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Photo: Sophie Davidson

My writing has appeared in Granta, Fantastic Man, The Happy Reader, Tribune, The Plant, Times Literary Supplement, The Financial Times, Grub Zine, and others

The academic book based on my PhD research into a creative rewriting of The Odyssey by German poet Barbara Köhler was published in 2019

I am a literary curator and have organised food writing, poetry and translation events, such as Voices at the Table (co-founder), The Newcastle Poetry Festival, and Sitting Room

Dinner Document is a recipe diary

Represented by Harriet Moore at David Higham Associates