Qualities of Earth an essay in Granta 

I Dream of Canteens an essay on canteens

A Partial List of Rome a list-essay of things eaten in Rome

On Weeds in the London Review of Books online

Review Feast for the Eyes – The Story of Food in Photography at The Photographer’s Gallery, London in Tribune

A List of Oranges in At The Table magazine

Review MFK Fisher Gastronomical Me and Patience Gray biography in Times Literary Supplement

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Photo: Sophie Davidson

My writing has appeared in Granta, Fantastic Man, The Happy Reader, Tribune, The Plant, Times Literary Supplement, The Financial Times, Grub Zine, and others

I earned a PhD in Contemporary Literature from UCL in 2016. The book based on my research into a creative rewriting of The Odyssey by German poet Barbara Köhler was published in 2019

I am a literary curator and have organised food writing, poetry and translation events, such as Voices at the Table (co-founder), The Newcastle Poetry Festival, and Sitting Room

Dinner Document is a recipe diary

Represented by Harriet Moore at David Higham Associates